Why Invest in Real Estate?


The Truth About Real Estate Investing

Real estate is the ultimate side hustle. Every financially successful icon invests in real estate, or hires a team to implement investments on their behalf. Both Management Today and Soifer Investments work hand in hand to promote tips and tricks of how to make smart and result driven real estate investments.
From popstars to doctors, anyone successful who wants to REMAIN successful understands the power of investments. Making money with your hard earned money is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. But keep in mind, this is a double edged sword. Investing can be just as destructive as it is beneficial. The key is, to know the market you are investing in. We all know the renowned show, Shark Tank. Investors in all markets look up to these successful billionaires and their decisions they’ve made throughout their journey as an investor. Viewers watch the show and think to themselves, “How am I going to be a shark instead of a small fish in a big pond?”

The answer is simple, know every single aspect of the market you are putting your money into. Markets work as a cycle system. Past market activity reflects future projections. Therefore if you know the market, you will be able to judge if you are investing in the right marketplace. 

Why Invest?

Let’s talk about the overall ‘WHY’ behind investing in real estate specifically. Real estate investments should be a constant flow of mostly passive income going straight into your pocket. This means paying your debt FASTER and being more RESPONSIBLE with your money. In addition, there are benefits to investing when it comes to taxes. When you invest in real estate you are able to deduct your mortgage interest and write off expenses. This leads us into, how to be successful with your real estate investment… planning your NEXT mortgage. With your debt paid and good credit score, you can start planning your next investment.