The generation growing up during the Great Depression and the generation growing up now, the most technological time in history are going to have extremely different perspectives.

“I have two young adults who I continuously try to teach the lessons I’ve learned throughout my years,” said Ben Soifer, founder of MoneyManagement Podcast and Pacific Capital Lending Corp. “Of course I am a firm believer in trial and error but watching my kids grow up has made me motivated to share as much knowledge and advice as I can. There are times where I decide to step back but without allowing my kids to have a first-hand experience of error, they will never succeed.”

Let’s break down the characteristics and formalities of this new generation. The overall theme that I’ve noticed trademarks this time in our lives is SPEED. Prior generations grew up with an abundance of patience compared to now. Now, if you do not have your credit card with you, you can simply hold your iPhone up to the cashier and pay through ApplePay. The access and freedom that comes with technology has not only transformed this generation, but it defines this generation

The Gen-Z generation is absolutely dependent on technology. They do not know life without it. How will these young adults and children shape our future? They have the technological power and capability to ultimately change the world.