We can continue building our skills, but with building comes change. The different experiences and obstacles one overcomes ultimately changes them as a person. Every decision someone makes speaks to their past experiences, character development, and future goals.

Instead of preaching some vague, motivational advice, I’ll break it down for you. Human beings instinctively follow past patterns. In order to break a bad habit, you need to change your perception immediately. Unfortunately, changing one’s view is not that simple. To change your perspective you need to begin making decisions that prioritize your goals and objectives. The experiences and lessons you learn along the way are the KEYS to maximizing your potential. Allow moments of defeat to shape your perception of failure. Failure is purely moments of growth and clarity.

As we grow into more well-rounded individuals our values begin to shift. A young teenager with a debit card linked to daddy’s bank account associates the value of the money to absolutely nothing. Once they grow up and realize they need to start financially supporting themselves; they begin to work for their buck. This is a perfect example of a changing perspective that coincides with changing experiences.

How does this apply to us? Taking back the power that belongs to the unknown is difficult. Make decisions that are applicable to future goals. Allow for your thoughts and opinions to change; it is solely a sign of growth and development.