A Manual for the Ultimate Real Estate Investor

Our founder, Ben Soifer, has decades of experience in real estate, finance, and investments. He has handled more than 1,800 residential, commercial, and industrial properties as a broker, investor, and syndicator. By sharing his stories and experiences, Ben hopes to empower his readers to take hold of their financial futures and embrace new levels of success.

Real Estate Investor Kevin Harrington Interviews MMIFL Founder

Harrington recently interviewed the founder of Money Management Investment Fund LLC, Ben Soifer. Money Management is an investment fund for accredited investors and commercial real estate professionals. As an investment company, their focus is on relationships. During acquisition, the goal is to provide the seller with a win-win experience. In addition, Money Management includes education and clarity on investing in the commercial space. In other words, Money Management is a private equity fund with accredited investors with a common goal—receiving 10%+ ROl on stable investments.

CIDC Now Available on Udemy

The CIDC certification course was created by Ben Soifer, a vetted real estate professional and investor. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in real estate investing, Ben started this course for new and seasoned professionals alike to learn how to consult with others on creating the real estate portfolio of their dreams.

What Does it Mean to Be a Broker Affiliate?

What is a broker affiliate? What do they do, and how can this job further your real estate savvy and strengthen your network? Below we will discuss this role, what skills you need to hone to excel in the industry, and how Money Management Investment Fund, LLC is the right fit for affiliates looking for huge opportunities to further their financial freedom.

Everything You Need to Know About Bridge Loans

If you are new to real estate investing or are looking to buy a new home, you may be interested in bridge loans. An excellent option for anyone who is simultaneously looking to buy and sell property, bridge loans offer plenty of flexibility for borrowers. Not only ideal for homeowners, but bridge loans can also help commercial real estate investors renovate properties or find new tenants. If you’re interested in this type of funding, read on to learn more.

Financial Freedom for All – MMIFL’s New Nonprofit

Money Management Investment Fund LLC is the real estate investment firm that keeps giving back. MMIFL has made a commitment to donate 10% of its asset management fee to the newly announced nonprofit organization, Financial Freedom for All.

How to Make More Money When the Stock Market Crashes

Stock Market Crashing

Ever wonder what defines an investor? Wikipedia’s definition of an investor reads as follows “Any person or other entity (such as a firm or mutual fund) who commits capital with the expectation of receiving financial returns.” Sounds like a logical route. At some point in our adult life, we all make the very real decision between focusing on MANAGING our money vs WORKING to make money.

Are Commercial Investments a Hedge Against Real Estate Inflation?

In recent news, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) illustrated how high inflation could continue into 2023. With the federal government having to pay higher prices on its debt, the cost of real estate capital is expected to increase steadily. Thus, investors in the field are seeking safer prospects that will net them a steadier income and outpace inflation. Below we will break down how real estate inflation operates and how commercial accounts could be the answer given our economic circumstances.

Investing in Real Estate With Your IRA

Are you concerned about having your retirement IRA funds tied up in investments that cannot keep up with the current rate of inflation? If so, one way you could net the highest return is by investing in real estate with your IRA.