What You Missed at the CIDC Crash Course


What does it mean to be a commercial investment debt consultant? This course was designed to empower you to take control of your financial future through real estate investing and consulting. If you’ve ever been interested in real estate but felt like you didn’t have what it takes to enter the arena – now you do. 


The CIDC course was made for everyone. From seasoned investors to entry-level investors to other business professionals looking to expand their portfolio. On July 28, Elizabeth May joined Money Management Investment Fund, LLC founder Ben Soifer for a CIDC crash course. This webinar was open to the public to serve as an educational empowerment tool showing you how you can become CIDC certified. 


What We Covered in the CIDC Crash Course

A long-term investment is inflation-proof. In 2022, we’ve seen massive inflation across the board. Yet, real estate investing remains profitable. Modestly rising interest rates are good for property values, meaning there’s never a wrong time to invest in real estate. Now is the best time to begin expanding your portfolio or creating a new one. 


Everyone can benefit from residual income. Trading your hours for dollars only goes so far. Are you getting your worth in the hours you spend? The truth is – investing in commercial real estate is for everyone, and you don’t have to be a broker or agent to know how to make the best deals. 


The CIDC course teaches you the industry lingo you need to become a savvy investor. You’ll learn about rates, the pros and cons of various properties, and how to best analyze financing options. During the crash course, we talked about:



And so, so much more. Becoming a certified Commercial Investment Debt Consultant gives you the knowledge you need to make lucrative deals in commercial, industrial, and retail real estate. Not only that, but you’ll also be qualified to consult and advise others in their future investments. 


CIDC training course is yours for only $84.99. One hundred percent of the profits are donated to charity. Sign up now. The path to financial freedom is in your hands.