Real Estate Investor Kevin Harrington Interviews MMIFL Founder


Kevin Harrington is known as a success catalyst in the world of investments. Many recognize him from the TV show Shark Tank and Funding Faceoff. With his former role as Shark, Harrington quickly identifies the potential behind businesses and understands how he can assist in scaling their operation. He later ventured into his own path and decided he needs to be taking a more hands-on approach with entrepreneurs. Currently, Harrington operates a private consulting firm helping companies steadily improve. 

As a business operator catered toward helping other businesses, Harrington works to increase distribution, analyze electronic retailing opportunities, source manufacturing, and more. The “How Kevin Can Help You” slogan is supported by a variety of services and resources. A few of Harrington’s resources include his book, Mentor to Millions and his Secrets of Sales Success and the Secrets of Closing the Sale Master Class, in addition to his Sharkpreneur podcast. 

 Harrington: Real Estate Investor and TV Star

Throughout Harrington’s journey of entrepreneurism, he began to value the power of a truly stable investment; real estate. 

Harrington has recently joined the TV series, Funding Faceoff where he shares his expertise as a dealmaker and panelist. This series has a complete focus on real estate. Real estate investors are given an opportunity to pitch the investors a deal. If investors believe the prospective deal holds benefits then the investors will invest from their own private capital. 

“When I was approached about this TV series, I fell in love with the idea immediately. It’s similar to one of my previous ventures—the hit series, Shark Tank, except rather than pitching business ideas, the guests will be pitching real estate deals, so this is a concept I know well. And I’m excited about the opportunity to help these investors not only get the funding they need to complete the deals they’ve found, but also help them become better deal makers in the process,” says Harrington to Business Wire

 Harrington’s Tips for the Real Estate Investor

Harrington’s trademark steps for the perfect pitch to win real estate deals have revolutionized the way investors approach a deal. 

Before you allow the excitement of this new deal to overwhelm your target, Harrington advises to provide them with a tease. Rather than showing the ‘how-to’ of buying a product, provide the before and afters of past successes. This will gain your subject’s attention by building credibility as a real estate investor. 

Next, Harrington emphasizes the importance of putting oneself in the shoes of a recipient. Kevin shares with Entrepreneur that he is constantly hearing pitches from business owners. The key to standing out is to please the person you are pitching. Instead of vaguely proposing an idea, provide the details of how you would achieve that goal. 

Lastly, seize the opportunity. Execution is key and will be the last component your subject has to remember of your pitch. Similar to doing the due diligence on a property before investing, you must do your homework on your subject. This means finding how to incorporate a sense of relatability to their past investments. 

Real Estate Investors Use Their Knowledge to Help Others

In addition to Harrington’s appearances on Funding Faceoff and sharing tips and tricks to the public about investing in real estate, Harrington prides himself on providing a platform for businesses to shine. 

Harrington recently interviewed the founder of Money Management Investment Fund LLC, Ben Soifer. Money Management is an investment fund for accredited investors and commercial real estate professionals. As an investment company, their focus is on relationships. During acquisition, the goal is to provide the seller with a win-win experience. In addition, Money Management includes education and clarity on investing in the commercial space. In other words, Money Management is a private equity fund with accredited investors with a common goal—receiving 10%+ ROl on stable investments. 

When asked what the story is behind the fund, Soifer said, “The fund was created due to investor demand. Many investors would like to reap the benefits savvy investment groups attain. Receiving quarterly distributions and all real estate advantages is the goal. The fund provides commercial secured loans for a short term of 12-36 months. In the bridge loan space, there are many private lenders. Our mission is to provide relationship-based terms to

all investors nationwide.”

Harrington expressed to Soifer that his business platform is one of great potential. During the interview, Harrington’s goal was to truly uncover what Soifer’s business has to offer individuals wanting to become involved. 

“We have our book, A Manual for the Ultimate Real Estate Investor, which has been trending number one on Amazon in the Commercial space. It’s written by a father-daughter duo, with a focus on real estate investments, providing invaluable material. We also offer our course commercial investment debt consultant and our free workshops. For our affiliates, we have a white-label marketing program and additional resources,” said Soifer. 

Similarly to Harrington, Soifer has carved out a name for himself in the world of real estate. Throughout his journey unveiling his love for investments, he has learned the do’s and dont’s of the industry. To learn more about Soifer’s journey in a categorical style made just for you, take a listen to the Money Management Podcast!

Take control of your financial future today and keep your hard-earned earnings in a stable place by becoming an investor with Money Management. Follow Harrington and Soifer’s steps by becoming a broker affiliate today.