Financial Freedom for All a NON PROFIT 501(c)(3)

Financial Freedom for All a NON PROFIT 501(c)(3)

Money Management Investment Fund LLC is the real estate investment firm that keeps giving back. MMIFL has made a commitment to donate 10% of its asset management fee to the newly announced nonprofit organization, Financial Freedom for All. By definition of affiliation, any investor in MMIFL is helping sustain the nonprofit. Involving oneself with MMIFL’s new nonprofit and getting certified as a Commercial Investment Debt Consultant not only allows one to invest in themselves, but also grants the opportunity to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and animals in need.  

Financial Freedom for All is the nonprofit that allows its contributors to donate to help business owners and animals in need, while also becoming CIDC certified. MMIFL is the real estate investment firm working to develop grants in the near future for applicants that believe in paving their way to financial freedom through the investment community. Any organizations or persons that work in real estate investing are eligible for financial aid provided by Financial Freedom for All. All you need is passion and the drive to work toward reaching your full potential. The nonprofit is anticipating to start the implementation of donations by the third quarter of 2023. 

Financial Freedom for All Nonprofit partners with MMIFL 

The founders of this nonprofit are highly driven professionals that are passionate about creating a platform that promises complete transparency and direct intention. 

Financial Freedom for All Is Happy to Support the Canis Foundation

Since the age of 18, Brent LaBrada has been dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and their families. After volunteering at the local animal shelter, Brent moved into the field of dog training in order to help those dogs in need. For 10 years, Brent was integral in revamping the training programs and services at one of Los Angeles’ premier dog training facilities. In 2016, he created his own training and consulting company, CANIS – Behavior and Training to help educate dog trainers as well as dogs. Within the last year, he also founded The CANIS Foundation whose mission is to rescue dogs through the power of training and education. Brent’s latest passion project is co-founding the Dog Trainers Podcast to energize and inform the new generation of dog trainers. Brent devotes his life to bettering the lives of all dogs and the people who care for them.

Grants for Business Owners

Ben Soifer, certified Commercial Investment Debt Consultant of over two decades, understands the evolution of a start up business and the struggles of beginning from scratch. His love of helping others and his passion for the world of investments is a major driving force behind Financial Freedom for All. Ben’s main belief is that “Living is continually inspiring yourself.” 

Reaching a point in your life when you are able to do what you love with loved ones is what financial freedom is all about. Business startups and entrepreneurs struggling to pave their way and achieve their goals are now being offered a rare opportunity to get a leg up and reach financial freedom. These businesses can be start up insurance companies, accounting firms, attorney firms, construction companies, or development companies. In addition to start up companies, businesses looking to expand and venture into different areas are eligible to apply. In short, the entire investment community is eligible for grants from Financial Freedom for All. 

The Application Process

Does a business or entity need to be brand new to apply for a grant? No. If an accounting firm or another investment company is looking to venture their way into another space and need financial aid, Financial Freedom for All gives them the opportunity to submit their application request and provide a business plan on how they are looking to help the investment community. 

The main focus of this side of the nonprofit is to help investors of all types succeed in their plan. The nonprofit is looking to begin granting donations in the third quarter of 2023. Updates in regards to the opening of the application will be found on the fund’s site, closer to expected date.  

Ultimately giving businesses the tools and needed resources is crucial to helping them and others in the community achieve financial freedom. Ben will be managing this portion of the nonprofit, making sure that as these applications are submitted, they are also lined up to truly optimize the business’ success rate.   

Gaining while Giving

The main focus and drive of the nonprofit is to implement and optimize the money that is being received by MMIFL. Ultimately, Financial Freedom for All was born out of our love for community, and this new nonprofit is a way for us to honor our commitment of supporting others to achieve their goals.

By getting CIDC certified and gaining knowledge needed to master the world of real estate investments, there is also a rare opportunity to give back to those struggling to get their businesses started. The power is in the hands of those eager to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. 

Learn more about how you can give back, while simultaneously investing in yourself. Click here to get certified and take control of your financial future today.