CIDC Now Available on Udemy


Today’s world is one of much financial uncertainty.  However, commercial real estate has continued to outpace the rising tides of inflation or increased interest rates and lead to financial freedom for many.  At Money Management Investment Fund, LLC we believe in sharing our knowledge with as many people as possible not only because it is the right thing to do but also because it strengthens the commercial real estate sector by having more and more qualified investors involved in this industry.  In the spirit of reaching as many people as possible, MMIFL has decided to discount our premium certification to just $15 on Udemy!  Read on below to see what is covered in the course and how it can help you navigate the world of CRE to your own financial independence. 


What is CIDC Certification? 

The CIDC certification course was created by Ben Soifer, a vetted real estate professional and investor. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in real estate investing, Ben started this course for new and seasoned professionals alike to learn how to consult with others on creating the real estate portfolio of their dreams. 


This one-of-a-kind course is designed for all investors and real estate professionals and will highlight the intricacies of exploring credit scores and how they’ll affect your rates. It teaches you how to analyze deals on a technical level so you can guide others through the process that benefits their unique situation. This course is not about how to broker deals. Instead, it’s giving you the authority and skill set you need to help others gauge whether or not they are approaching an agreement that is right for them. And how to negotiate a better one. 


CIDC certification is a big step toward becoming a Financial Freedom Ambassador (FFA). Being an FFA comes with an immense amount of power and knowledge. This course is a tool being implemented across the nation to share nuggets of wisdom with those exploring the commercial investment space. Mastering the techniques behind financial freedom is the easy part. The hard part is conquering the stability and maintenance of your money management. 


Qualifications for Certification

Accountants, attorneys, residential agents, and other professionals should get CIDC certified to enable them to be a more beneficial asset to themselves and their clients. Those who aren’t familiar with commercial real estate might struggle with some legal terms but there’s no reason to worry; A 30 min consultation with a Money Management Investment Fund LLC (MMIFL) representative will alleviate your concerns.  


White Label Marketing 

After getting CIDC certified, you and or your company will have access to our white label marketing plan.  This allows you to promote your own products using our own in-house digital assets that come pre-fabricated with our rigorous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so your promotion is as visible as possible.  There are many advantages to participating in our white label marketing program, we will discuss just a few of the huge advantages below: 


Reduced Costs 

Recruiting and training is a process that can take vast amounts of time, money, and effort better directed back into your company’s products and services.  With our resources you can simply drag and drop your own content and materials into our pre-packaged products.  You will see your overhead costs go down, freeing you to use more of your capital as you want. 

Increased Revenue Potential 

As a small business ourselves, we understand how employees have to wear multiple hats sometimes, juggling numerous tasks all at once.  With the design and packaging aspects of your marketing met, your team will be able to spend more time focusing on it’s core competency and prospecting.  You get a more satisfied workforce which means more satisfied customers and new and or renewed contracts.

Managing SEO 

Search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly complex with ever-changing metrics to research.  Our products however are not just one-and-done templates but are constantly updated to ensure that we are boosting your visibility as much as possible.  


Functions and Event Learning 

Networking is one of the most vital aspects in propelling your career.  Your connections can generate leads resulting in closed deals and repeat business.  When you enroll in our course and get CIDC certified you’ll have a vast network open up to you.  We are regularly hosting virtual and in-person events where we’ll continue to educate and share our knowledge but you will also have the opportunity to meet so many great agents, associates, and other professionals.  Below is a list of our upcoming Lunch & Learn series; a virtual event course where you login and bring your lunch and dig in while we serve up food for thought! Here are just a few highlights: 


Budgeting – Personal & Business (October 18th, 2022) 

12:00pm – 12:30pm our team will be covering proven plans that you can follow to set balanced budgets for new or growing businesses and for your own personal finances.  Ensuring your cash flow is steady and streamlined is the first step in getting any operation off the ground. 


Underwriting CRE (November 15th, 2022)

With over 30 years of experience, our founder Ben Soifer will demonstrate how to effectively use underwriting to communicate with a lender by displaying all the financials for your project so that you can receive the best possible loan in your application. Covering everything from entry and exit cap rates, vacancy rates, rent and expense growth, financing terms, capital expenditure reserves, and so much more!  


Steps To Becoming Financially Free (December 20th, 2022)

Putting together a plan for securing your financial independence can seem like a daunting monolithic task.  But our executive staff have forged their own path and achieved this goal and will be sharing tried-and-true strategies they’ve implemented to make this dream a reality.  


Farming 101 (January 17th, 2023) 

How realistic is your financial goal when weighed against the hours you’ve put into your profession. How many inquiries do you need to net conversions and what is the timeframe to monetize these leads? This presentation will demonstrate how to set up a framework for streamlining your workflow so that you can maximize your effectiveness and efficiency. 

Interest Rates & Permanent Financing (February 21st, 2023) 

Permanent financing (or “permanent loans”) provide capital-backing to secure an acquisition. These loans change based on the needs of the property so it’s important to understand how the interest rates you pay will be affected and amortized by the nature of the investment contract.   

Closing Deals, Loans, and Investments (March 21st, 2023)  

This catch-all session will cover some of the most crucial pillars of the commercial real estate game: 

(1) Understanding the final steps you’ll be required to take when closing on CRE property: (a) Escrow, (2) Dealing with legal entities and authorities, (3) Due diligence, and (4) Titles and closing documents. 

(2) Dissecting the various loan types available to you and deciding which one will work inside of your budget. 

(3) Our executive-level team will share their expertise on the current trends in CRE investing and how to train your financial eye to scout for the best acquisitions for yourself, your clients, and or your team. 

Strategize With Confidence 

With your CIDC certification you will be adding a valuable tool to your arsenal to advise, consult, and educate your clients, peers, friends, and family.  The knowledge that you gain within the course will strengthen your circle of connections by enhancing their decision-making process.  Whether you are working within a large organization, small business, or are a freelancer, the skills in navigating different property types will ingratiate you to your clients as a ace advisor.  This equates to renewed works and or contracts.  With the commercial real estate market heating up, there is no time like the present to sign up for our Udemy course and take greater control over your financial freedom!