CIDC Certification: What You Need to Know


Investing in commercial real estate is a hobby for some and a career for others. Ultimately, it’s led many towards their goal of financial freedom, and now they wish to teach others how to do the same. So, how do you enhance your credibility in a crowded market and share your expertise? This is where CIDC certification comes in. What does it mean to become a Commercial Investment Debt Consultant? This course is designed to guide others through the process of becoming a highly technical real estate consultant. 

Once certified, you’ll have the skills and confidence to help individuals transform their lives through real estate investing. Read on to learn more about the CIDC certification course and what you can expect to learn. 

What Is CIDC Certification?

The CIDC certification course was created by Ben Soifer, a vetted real estate professional and investor. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in real estate investing, Ben started this course for new and seasoned professionals alike to learn how to consult with others on creating the real estate portfolio of their dreams. 

This one-of-a-kind course is designed for all investors and real estate professionals and will highlight the intricacies of exploring credit scores and how they’ll affect your rates. It teaches you how to analyze deals on a technical level so you can guide others through the process that benefits their unique situation. This course is not about how to broker deals. Instead, it’s giving you the authority and skill set you need to help others gauge whether or not they are approaching an agreement that is right for them. And how to negotiate a better one. 

Becoming CIDC certified means transforming into a real estate role model. After years of consulting, advising, and educating others, Ben has finally created a course to help others do the same for their peers, clients, and friends. CIDC certification is beneficial for anyone who desires to uplevel their knowledge on commercial real estate investing and help others do the same. 

CIDC certification is a big step toward becoming a Financial Freedom Ambassador (FFA). Being an FFA comes with an immense amount of power and knowledge. This course is a tool being implemented across the nation to share nuggets of wisdom with those exploring the commercial investment space. Mastering the techniques behind financial freedom is the easy part. The hard part is conquering the stability and maintenance of your money management. 

Completing this course and becoming an FFA will be a giant leap toward a new responsibility of consulting others on their future investment decisions. Does an FFA need to be CIDC certified? Not necessarily, many successful investors are financially free, and we want them to share with our investors on their path to success. Anyone who believes in the Money Management Investment Fund LLC as their main path to financial freedom also has the potential to become an FFA. Financial independence is something that all want to conquer. However, not everyone is so focused on that until they have to be.  

Eventually, we all have to learn how to manage our money and figure out how we can receive enough residual income to compensate for our lifestyle and prepare for our future.  Living one’s life with the understanding that a plan must be made and implemented is the core of an FFA investor. Getting CIDC certified is a direct path for any professional to see how to become an FFA and help others. 

How to Become CIDC Certified

CIDC certification is for anyone and everyone passionate about learning about real estate investing. This course allows you to apply that passion in a professional setting, lending additional credibility to your education and providing invaluable skills to your consulting business. Here’s how you can become CIDC certified.

Qualifications for Certification

The only pre-qualification for becoming CIDC certified is a yearning for knowledge in the commercial real estate field. Whether you have no prior education in real estate or finance or have been investing for decades, this course is guaranteed to increase your knowledge.  

Accountants, attorneys, residential agents, and other professionals should get CIDC certified to enable them to be a more beneficial asset to themselves and their clients. Those who aren’t familiar with commercial real estate might struggle with some legal terms but have no fear. A 30 min consultation with a Money Management Investment Fund LLC (MMIFL) representative will alleviate your concerns.

Testing Criteria

The course material answers questions like:

  • What Loan-to-Value (LTV) can an investor expect when acquiring commercial, industrial, and retail properties with a low FICO score?
  • What kind of rate and terms can an investor expect from a commercial property that has a low occupancy?
  • Why are bridge loans necessary, and what are the determining factors?

The CIDC certification course is a work-at-your-own-pace study. The course will be a compilation of videos and written material. It may take as little as 30 minutes to complete, and you can take the final test as many times as you’d like. Once you complete the course, there will be an optional opportunity to virtually meet with a course ambassador to ask any questions about the test and the material. Once the test is completed, users will receive a certification with the trademarked CIDC logo. 

How to Enroll

Sign up online today, gain access to the CIDC certification course material, and get started. The course is $180, and all proceeds will be donated to animal rescue centers and small business owners.

A Word From Our Founder

What qualifies Ben Soifer as an educator in the commercial investment space? Since the 90s Ben has experienced all facets of real estate—the highs and the lows and everything in between! 

“I continuously pushed myself to grow into a better investor and real estate professional early in my career. This drove my passion for becoming financially free.

As I became an office manager and an owner, one of my primary roles was recruiting and training, but mainly educating.  I am accustomed to continuously growing my passions and then sharing aspects that I find beneficial with others. 

As I looked for the optimum way of receiving the most efficient return on my capital, I realized commercial real estate was the answer.

The problem with commercial real estate is that it is truly like the wild west. Unless you’re willing to do the due diligence, it’s best not to get involved. The reason many investors flock towards the commercial, industrial, and retail space is due to the stability and built-in rent increases which protect and fight inflation over the long term.

It is my goal for this crash course to enable and unleash the investors within ourselves. Knowledge is power and once we understand commercial real estate, it will allow us to help ourselves, our friends, and our colleagues around us. Some of us, like myself, will make it into our career. That’s right, that’s what I call myself—a commercial investment debt consultant. That’s what I’ve been focused on for the last 20 years, and it is truly my passion.”

Take control of your financial future and help others achieve their dreams by becoming CIDC certified. Sign up now, and you’ll gain instant access to the course that will change your understanding of commercial real estate and offer you the skills you need to coach others.