A Manual for the Ultimate Real Estate Investor


Our founder, Ben Soifer, has decades of experience in real estate, finance, and investments. He has handled more than 1,800 residential, commercial, and industrial properties as a broker, investor, and syndicator. By sharing his stories and experiences, Ben hopes to empower his readers to take hold of their financial futures and embrace new levels of success.

Ben learned the value of long-term investments by studying finance and dabbling in smaller, short-term investments and became a savvy real estate investor. He has managed multiple real estate offices where he trained hundreds of agents. Ben is admired for his mentoring and coaching skills that help other professionals achieve their personal finance goals. During his career, Ben has sold and has been involved as an investor in over a billion dollars worth of real estate. As a result, he lives in an abundance of financial freedom. Now, he wishes to share his expertise with the world.

Ben’s daughter Briellie is a senior studying Public Relations at the University of Miami. She describes herself as a woman full of creativity and wit. The idea of writing a book with her dad piqued Brielle’s interest. Besides learning about real estate, she was interested in the path her father took to become a successful investor. Even though Brielle isn’t particularly fond of studying finance, she enjoys learning from people’s experiences. 

Together, they’ve just published their first book, A Manual for the Ultimate Real Estate Investor. Incorporating Ben’s thirty years of experience in investment and Brielle’s creative writing skills, this manual is designed to help you succeed in real estate investing. It aims to entertain, educate, and inspire. Put your feet up, pour yourself a drink, and get ready to be empowered with the tools you need to achieve your financial goals.

What You’ll Learn

Are you ready to learn from the pros and begin your path to financial freedom? A Manual for the Ultimate Real Estate Investor makes it easy to understand how to make the best financing choices – like when to consider bridge funding – and what to watch out for when investing in real estate. 

• Single Family Residences. Learn about the unexpected expenses and best financing option for SFR investments. Ben talks through the best bank loans and what those terms look like for every investor.

• Multifamily Residential. Ready to take your investments to the next level? Graduate from SFR into larger buildings and complexes to improve your ROI. Ben teaches you how to best manage this investment and how to keep your expenses at a minimum.

• Commercial Real Estate. What are the best types of CRE investments for the long term? Discover why certain properties bring in more cash than others and why commercial is the best investment for your future.

• Office Space. A dying way of life, or an option to make money while you work? Ben shares his thoughts on investing in office space in today’s business world.

• Flex and Industrial. The most successful people in real estate identify demand before the public even knows they want it. Industrial real estate is not for the faint of heart, but with Ben’s expert guidance you’ll find out whether this is the right investment for you.

• Brokers. Who are they, what do they do, and how can you find the right partner on your journey? Ben details the ins and outs of becoming a broker, and how this relationship is rooted in trust and knowledge.

Plus, Ben includes a list of other books and podcasts where you can learn more about the field of real estate investing to further your knowledge. Skim to the back and check out the Glossary to instantly improve your real estate savvy. With Ben and Brielle’s guidance, you’ll soon be on your way to financial freedom through real estate investing.